Election Stress & Anxiety

The next presidential election is just about 12 days away, in case you haven't heard.  I've seen colleagues sharing some recent articles about the significant levels of stress and anxiety that this election is causing in some people.  I believe it because I can see it in those around me and even feel some of its effects myself.  This article from the American Psychological Association discusses this topics and gives some helpful tips to reduce stress and anxiety related to this topic.


Remember to take care of yourself.  Disconnect from social media and get away from the TV.  (However, as I write this in a local DC coffeeshop I can't help but overhear the political conversations going on around me).  Go out for a nice walk and enjoy the fall weather.  Spend time with friends and family.  Try to keep a realistic perspective and avoid thinking about the worst case scenario, no matter who you support.  Finally, do what you can to get involved, vote, and allow yourself to feel a sense of control.